PyWeek - Mirror Mirror - feedback

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 4


Clever puzzles. I'm a puzzle dummy, I don't know how you design them; and I couldn't beat them all. But I won over half! :D I like how you did the intro. I had a moment of "duh what do I do here" on the level selection screen, but I got over it quickly. Otherwise the game was very accessible and cute. Nice work.

Fun 3 Prod 4 Inno 3


very nice entry, love the art and sfx especially; they feel very balanced

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


This is really well-polished and everything is put together very neatly. The concept is fun and the levels are well-designed. Great job!

Fun 4 Prod 4 Inno 4


Great work: I really liked the artwork, it was super nice with the purple colour palette and the cute idle animations. The puzzling was quite fun too, there were a few stars I could not get in the end! I like that you gave the player options to complete the level and progress without getting all stars so you can come back and try again later.

Fun 4 Prod 5 Inno 4


Very nicely done! Fun, simple idea and explored well. Looks and sounds great too. My favorite levels were 7 and 11. In most of the rest of the cases it seemed pretty easy to ignore the evil twin, but those two levels gave me enough of a challenge that I really liked it.

Fun 4 Prod 5 Inno 5


Well done. I like this sort of game. I know how hard it is to design those levels.
Thanks for your time.

Fun 5 Prod 4 Inno 4


Amazing game!

Fun 5 Prod 4 Inno 4


Great level design. Got stuck on level 7.... ...... ... sus......

Fun 4 Prod 5 Inno 3


A really good entry - this was a well polished game, with a few challenges in the levels.

Fun 5 Prod 4 Inno 4


Nice game, very fun mechanic and challenging.

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