yay rope physics

Mount Fuji

Climb mountains like a real ninja - using only your strength and your ninja rope, while suicidal goats pose a serious threat to your life. climb, swing, fly, die... what's your destiny?


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yay rope physics
oneup 2007/04/07 02:08
ninja gfx v3
oneup 2007/04/07 00:35
animations vbeta
oneup 2007/04/07 00:35
mount fuji masterplan
oneup 2007/04/06 15:18
another screenshot
chrysn 2007/04/06 08:27
Picture 1.png
pixel landscape collision detection
oneup 2007/04/02 16:32
Team Logo
enki 2007/04/01 00:43

Diary Entries

pyweek without knowing python? yes!

i've joined pyweek without knowing a single line of pygame or python. three hours after opening the pygame tutorial i've written the foundation of a worms-like pixel based landscape engine. yay! :) madness? this is metalab!


throwing more money and manpower at a project...

when problems seem to big just throw more money and manpower at a project and see how it doesn't help.

we started with eight developers on our team;

  • two started a seperate game - Series of Tubes
  • one resorted to documenting the development process (video in progress)
  • one resorted to writing useless diary entries, stopped coding and now does graphics (hello)
  • one build our core game framework and now takes care of public relations
  • one person does sound effects
  • and two actually still code for the game. (our heros)

will this work out? maybe not in 7 days, but our vision is grand, and we're ready to finish it at any cost. :P


pixel graphics - serious business!

While chrysn and nex are hacking away on the game logic, I'm busy redoing our graphics.

Yay for pixel ninjas... but which one to use?



our main coder collapsed due to sleep deprivation, our second coder also switched to a series of tubes (which also unfortunately seems to have no final entry) and our graphics guy is "busy" getting lost in a million other projects (and the internet). damn - no finished entry this time!

but the spirit of the game lives on... as 2m tall wall graphic!

and the whole team had a great time hacking away for pyweek. yay!