our main coder collapsed due to sleep deprivation, our second coder also switched to a series of tubes (which also unfortunately seems to have no final entry) and our graphics guy is "busy" getting lost in a million other projects (and the internet). damn - no finished entry this time!

but the spirit of the game lives on... as 2m tall wall graphic!

and the whole team had a great time hacking away for pyweek. yay!

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damn, that photo looked so promising too :(
Really sorry to hear it -- I also really liked the huge wall graphic planning out the Mt. Fuji ascent.

Glad to hear you had a good time though -- I suppose that's one of the main goals of PyWeek, and if you fulfilled that, then that's something that's still very good. :)

yeah, additionally I now have a fully opengl accelerated 2d pixel landscape engine, which might help me to revive PixelWar. :)

plus i know now (still only the basics, but enough for games) python now!

i guess the same goes for everyone on the team. everyone learned so much during the past week. "the moar you know".