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I Robot?

Hey, we are not Losers !


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Overall: 3.2
Fun: 2.6
Production: 4.2
Innovation: 2.9

3% respondents marked the game as not working.
0% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 25


File Uploader Date
final entry
hugoruscitti 2008/04/06 02:23
game main screen
hugoruscitti 2008/04/05 17:03
group logo
hugoruscitti 2008/04/05 16:58
intro 3
hugoruscitti 2008/04/05 16:55
in game updated
hugoruscitti 2008/04/05 16:55
in game screenshot
hugoruscitti 2008/04/04 21:10
presents screen
hugoruscitti 2008/04/03 15:36
main scene
hugoruscitti 2008/04/02 08:24

Diary Entries

Basic ideas and some blueprints

Hi, we want to create a robot dancing game. You area human girl in a robots planet, and want to scape from there site.

The first day we plan the history, basic ideas for gameplay and some artwork.

This is a picture taken after 8 hours of work...

( from top-left to right: Hugo Ruscitti (me, programming), Javi (Art) and Walter Velazquez (Art).)

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Basic gameplay implemented

Hi, we are now working in the basic gameplay for the game, there are a mouse control view and our player hero dancing (she has no name yet...). (Walter with a cell phone and Javi playing in Hugo's house)


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Day 3, a group members picture

Hi, Javier has made a cartoon from us for the credits scene:
(from left to right. Walter, Hugo, Javier, Cristian)



Presents scene is done

Hi, we are working in improve the gameplay and the introduction scene, this is a screenshot of the presents scene:

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New in game screenshot

This is a recent screen shot of the scene game, you must move the mouse to dancing like a robot (note, some sprites are temporary:


Graphics are done, new screenshots

But, anyway, we have some problems to create a .exe version for windows users...


I cant upload the file!!

I get the final submission, but can't I upload, anyway: 53d2b16c79095e35bc6cba087311a2df irobotgame-0.7.tar.gz is the md5checksum of the file, it can be uploader to other server?

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md5 for losersjuegos

  • entry: losersjuegos
  • username: hugoruscitti
  • filename: irobotgame-0.7.tar.gz
  • md5: 53d2b16c79095e35bc6cba087311a2df

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Our robot dancing game is done!!

Hi, now i upload our entry for this pyweek, it's are named "I Robot?":


or visit this google.code page to get a svn access.

We are using pyglet and los-cocos (include in) library.

I hope you like it, regards!.

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