PyWeek - I Robot? - feedback

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Wow, I'm impressed.

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great looks and polish. the game is a bit dull, and i cant see the guys dancing while i have to watch for the arrows.

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Couldn't play it:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 16, in <module>
File "/home/facundo/juegos/pyweek/irobotgame-0.7/lib/", line 10, in main
world = World()
File "/home/facundo/juegos/pyweek/irobotgame-0.7/lib/", line 24, in __init__ = audio.Audio()
File "/home/facundo/juegos/pyweek/irobotgame-0.7/lib/", line 17, in __init__
File "/home/facundo/juegos/pyweek/irobotgame-0.7/lib/", line 22, in _load_music
File "/home/facundo/juegos/pyweek/irobotgame-0.7/lib/", line 20, in load_music
return, path), streaming=True)
File "/home/facundo/juegos/pyweek/irobotgame-0.7/lib/", line 1332, in load

File "build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/pyglet/media/", line 198, in __init__ Not a WAVE file

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Nice production, nice story... gameplay shall be funnier.

2 5 2

Love the artwork but there's just not that much to the game.... It was slightly more fun when I stopped looking at the arrows and tried to follow the robots.

3 5 4

Great art work, very professionally done. Was fun to play. Nice polish with the credits and story stuff.

4 5 4

Very cool. Great production. The game just kinda stopped though, a few minutes in. It didn't freeze up completely - I could quit and the screen in the top-right was animating, but the robots stopped dancing and I received no more moves...

1 3 1

Seemed to be failing me for no reason. Couldn't really watch the dancing and do it at the same time.

3 5 3

Wow awesome graphics and music, great look! Admittedly when it came to gameplay, i coudn't get into it, but i loved the experience getting there!

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You are just some-modifications-to-the-gameplay from being a sure-winner for this pyweek.<br>
(The game need a certain goal, levels, or such, so that i will feel a little more purpose).<br>
Innovation: only average because DDR does exist, and it was here before..

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nice game

1 1 1 yes

Need pyglet and can't install it

2 4 3

You seem to have to come off the arrows again very rapidly, which doesn't feel natural. Little indication of replayability.

3 5 4

Simple game, but fun. The production is really amazing.

The only thing I don't like is having the controls in a corner of the screen, having to look at there doesn't allow me to look at the dancing boy

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No win?

3 4 3

Dance like a robot it's good

4 5 4

Looks and sounds great. Some closer timing to the music would've been good, but understandably difficult to achieve. One of the best pyglet demos yet.

4 4 4

Funny DDR. The graphics are lovely, music and sound fit very well together. It's a rather small game but a nice little gem.

2 4 4

Very good artwork. The game was not very much fun though. DDR with a mouse just doesn't work.

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Greatly done, but misses the essential of dance games and relies entirely on memorizing moves.

3 4 3

Art rules.
Sometimes my moves failed without going to the wrong direction.
Longer story would be great.

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Aha, that is awesome. I wish I could have played it with a DDR dance pad instead of a mouse

3 5 3

Very good looking stylized game. The only negative thing I'd say is I think the control has serious problems when you get to doing a sequence of moves - I felt I was doing things perfectly but it was saying failed. Great music, fantastic use of theme, and great credits sequence. Really excellent.

1 1 1 yes

import actions
File "/Users/jayne/Desktop/irobotgame-0.7/lib/cocos/", line 165, in ?
class ActionSprite( pyglet.sprite.Sprite ):
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'sprite'

Can't run the game :(

2 3 2

Very repetitive but love the graphics.