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dOb 2006/03/28 20:33

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Outlook bad

Among a few other things, the level loader is almost complete. The levels are loaded from indexed color png files with each file representing one layer of the 3d world (the one in the screenshot uses 3 files). The game uses OpenGL with orthographic projection. There's not much interactivity yet, the camera can be rotated around the level.

I doubt I'll get this done by the deadline, but I'll still keep the idea a secret ;). I've got much more accomplished than in other competitions I've tried making a game for (pyweek and LD48) so I'm happy :). Live and learn...

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Learning experience

As it's now obvious I won't be finishing my entry in time I'll tell you about my idea and how cool this PyWeek has been for me ;).

As soon as I saw the theme "It runs on steam!" I immediately thought of "It Came from Outer Space" :). So my idea was to make a game where the character ("It", the FSM-like creature from the movie) runs on steam! The downside of this idea was that it didn't describe the game mechanics at all so I didn't have a plan when I started coding. I only knew it would be isometric so that I would learn something new (ended up using OpenGL with orthographic projection which worked out just fine). I was forced by the theme :).

I really did learn a lot during this Pyweek which is exactly what I wanted. It acts as a motivator for me to get coding. I didn't aim at getting the game done really. I think I'll join a team next time...