End of day 3, that red bar will one day be a weapon!


Woop woop! Just realised it started yesterday, hopefully competing as a team again


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End of day 3, that red bar will one day be a weapon!
john 2012/09/11 20:55
Progress at end of day two, including some stats that are going to be coded into the game tomorrow
john 2012/09/10 21:31
Progress at end of day one...
john 2012/09/09 21:02

Diary Entries

Day 1 Progress

Writing this a day late...Hope you don't mind!

Fingers crossed progress on other days will be more significant than today, although the Grand Prix and Paralympics definitely did nought but impede my progress today, so I guess they won't be an issue.

End of day 1

Todays Progress:

- Framework in place to be easily extended
- Knowing exactly what we'll make, although I was relatively clear before pyweek what kind of idea I wanted
- Character is able to explore the map
- Although the map looks very plain at the moment, it is very easy to extend it to include other aesthetic tiles, collision not get coded
- "Eyelid" shape generated in front of screen

- Some armour images drawn by my artist, he will be formally added to the team later today

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Day 2 Progress

Today I made much better progress than yesterday, but in the grand scheme of things then nothing stupidly exciting happened - just simply getting collision detection done.

My artist has been busy =]

In this screenshot, you can't really see the collision detection at all, but just let me assure you quite how much of a nightmare I found it - post pyweek it is definitely something I will want to look into because I find it hard to believe that it can be so messy as whenever I do it.

You can also see here that there are more than one kinds of tiles, and that there is small variance between tiles - thanks Rod!

The other big difference is now there is a HUD thing at the bottom where you can see all your levels and xp, as of right now they don't do anything, but expect that to change as I get further into the week.

From my artist the black ring is no longer generated by code and we have much more variation in the dirt art.

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Day 3 Progress

Again, like every other day unfortunately, progress could've been swifter, however I'm now in a place where I'm only four or five classes of being able to start adding in new content as opposed to engine work.

As you can see in this screenshot, the black eye shape has been removed from the screen. After testing the game for a bit without the eye I found that I actually found it more fun playing without it than with so that was unfortunately removed from the game. If I had longer I would put more effort into making it work.

Here you're the character with the red bar. This is the attack rect of your weapon and that will (obviously) change shape and position depending on which direction you attack in. It doesn't yet take damage off of the AI characters, but that won't be much work to do that as I have everything else in place.

The character on the right is an AI controlled character that just chases you around when you're within a certain radius of it. It doesn't bother with pathfinding or anything fancy, and it often gets stuck behind blocks due to it's larger size but on bigger rooms with lots of these I can imagine it being quite a challenge. This took far too much time to program in, due to me inadvertently calling my code in the wrong order I spent 2 or 3 hours trying to work out why it was ignoring walls and collisions which wasn't much fun.

Finally, by looking at the bottom of the screenshot you can see that the xp rates have been worked out, and that you are now able to gain XP in the speed skill (although it as of yet has no affect on your character). The next level number is how much XP remaining for that level. Each of the skills (minus looting) has an image drawn by my brother, but is not yet coded in.

Oh, and I made a map editor, but that was very simple and hardly counts as an update here. If I can persuade my other brother to help me out then it might become more useful.

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