"It'll Cost an Arm or a Leg"

A man is walking down the street. Suddenly, an evil scientist swoops in and takes either his leg or his arm - your choice. The man then sets off on a quest to retrieve his missing limb.


The game currently isn't about any of that. Currently, the game is about flying everywhere except into boxes. And nice tilemap scrolling. But if we finish, it will have the above stuff too.

Clarissa does design and game code, Peter does engine code and music


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Overall: 1.6
Fun: 1.1
Production: 2.3
Innovation: 1.4

33% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 8


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Better Readme, better launching stuff, finalisty of the finals
pmdevita 2017/02/26 06:34

Diary Entries

Well crud

So because of homework and other projects, we haven't even really started. As I was showing Clarissa python and cocos2D, I realized cocos had quite a few shortcomings. So I'm going to try and subclass some stuff to fix it. Which is another delay.

I dunno, I'm really worried that we aren't going to make it

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Some progress and some more complaining

We had a brainstorming session and have come up with a game idea.

The game starts with a man walking down the street. Suddenly, an evil scientist flies in and takes either on of his arms or legs - the choice is made by the player and it is the lesser of two evils tie in. Should you sacrifice attack power or mobility? The man then goes on a quest to retrieve his missing appendage and return to his normal life.

Considering how we have less than 24 hours at this point, it will probably just be the "final" level.

But more worrying is that it turns out cocos2D isn't just poorly maintained and sloppily documented - it's straight up broken. You can't import a .tmx map without putting it into an eternal loop, which means I either have to write a converter for it into the XML style map or we write the XML style map by hand.

The python game situation really is not good. pygame is an unpythonic SDL wrapper. cocos2D is a steaming mess and a lot of other stuff is abandoned. A Unity-esq full featured editor and engine for making python games would be rather nice to have.

I had started work on my own stuff on top of pyglet about a month ago before I realized unreleased/personal codebases weren't allowed. I was going to try and create a graphics engine similar to Scratch. Doing graphics in Scratch is simple and accessible but it still has a well fleshed out feature list.

Panda3D seems well made though. Maybe I should have tried using it.


OHhhhhh boy

Well we didn't even come close to finishing. I've been programming almost all day and we kinda got the game going. Also, turns out Clarissa was not added to the team and couldn't be added in later. Can someone move us to the team category for judging?

So I've been coding for almost 10 hours straight now. I haven't really eaten anything today. And boy does my code show it! About 4 hours ago, my brain kinda started seizing up whenever I went to tackle anything that wasn't straight forward. So it took about an hour to implement correct scrolling function and an hour plus to to debug collisions. At least both of those work.

So what's missing? A beginning cutscene (which includes the Lesser of Two Evils choice), another level, enemies, gravity, proper movement velocity, stairs, keys, jumping, doors, final boss, and final cutscenes. And whatever else we think to add.

But, this is the first game I've ever helped create the concept for and first full game I've tried to write in python. Clarissa and I are happy with what we have done and we will finish this game (and I will organize my code :P). I'm also going to try to get Clarissa in on the coding as due to the time crunch, I took over to get things moving.

Interesting to note, the game is mostly just an engine for Tiled. You can swap out that .json file for something else as long as you follow similar conventions.

But yeah that's it. Time to see everyone else's stuff now!

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