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I very likely won't have time the week of, but I missed it every other time, so I'm gonna try something. :)

Edit: Thanks to COVID-19 I've got plenty of time!



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catsanddo 2020/03/25 01:53
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catsanddo 2020/03/24 01:59

Diary Entries

Final Day - Dropping Out

As this is the final day, and I don't have enough done to submit it, this entry will have to end here. I still intend to finish what I started, but I simply don't have the skills or experience to finish it in time. Another big reason was an temporary switch from Windows to Linux that revealed MAJOR cross-platform bugs, so I couldn't even test my own game. Don't worry though, this was a lot of fun for me and helped me learn a lot. This actually the farthest I've gotten on any project before. Expect to see me next time, and for me to actually finish my next game.

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Day 4 - Frustration

I didn't get a lot done today, and what I did manage to work on was incredibly difficult and frustrating to get it to work how I wanted. Fortunately, though, I still have some time, and this is basically my last major hurdle before I get the basic gameplay done and move on to some more aesthetic parts. (And the last parts!)

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Day 3 - Graphics

I was quite successful today in putting in graphics. It took a while to find something that didn't lag AND actually drew the screen, but I'm quite pleased with the final result. 

I'm not very experienced with making advanced game mechanics, so this part has been slow, but I'm making headway. Also I picked out the final name: Ecotone.

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Day 2

I got a lot of programming out of the way today, and planned out the rest. I feel like I'm very well on track and everything that I set out to do is in fact possible with my skills.

I also planned out more clearly some of the "puzzles" and found that they were not very challenging, but hopefully it will still be fun if I have to roll with what I've got now.

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Concept/Early Stuff

I finally decided on a final concept. The game will focus on time-travel puzzles because what else do people think of when you say butterfly effect. The player will have to preserve a forest valley across hundreds of years to be humanity's last natural paradise. 

All of my graphics and controls will be reminiscent of classic rogue-likes because why complicate things with graphics when I can use a perfectly good "@" or "&".


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