this is how your city should look like


sim city like thing?


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Overall: 2.4
Fun: 2
Production: 2.8
Innovation: 2.3

33% respondents marked the game as not working.
1% of respondents wished to disqualify the entry.
Respondents: 18


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star city game
Treeform 2008/04/05 21:54
aff star city.png
this is how your city should look like
Treeform 2008/04/05 21:50
star city game
Treeform 2008/04/05 20:48
this is final on day 1
Treeform 2008/03/31 04:54
facotries are ight.png
new factory art!
Treeform 2008/03/31 04:51
custom maps.png
costom map upload
Treeform 2008/03/31 04:50

Diary Entries

Panda3D 1.5.0 released - i will use this for pyweek again

This release includes Fully fully automatic Shader Generation. So if you don't know shader math but still want to use shader take a look!


Other features - there is so many its hard not to make it look like a laundry list:
Main features for me are:
complete python support
out of the box working everything on linux
supper stable + debugging + performance monitoring

I am sure you will find some thing you need:

Full Python Integration
Automatically-generated wrappers expose full functionality of engine.

* Highly optimized: all core functionality in C++
* Thoroughly-tested: two commercial MMOs in python
* Panda3D structures garbage collected when using Python
* Manual and sample programs use python

Exposes Full Power of Graphics API
Modern OpenGL features exposed directly to Panda3D user:

* High-level shader language: Cg
* Powerful interface between shaders and engine
* Render-to-texture, with ARB_draw_buffers
* Use of depth/shadow textures

Just Works, Right out of the Box
No-hassle install:

* Convenient installer package for Windows
* Only one external dependency: working graphics driver
* Sample programs run right out of Start Menu
* No compilation step needed
* Installers (rpm & deb) for Linux too

Debugging Tools
Heavy emphasis on error tolerance and debuggable code:

* Extreme resistance to crashing, even when errors are made
* More than 5000 assertion-checks to catch errors early
* Reference-counted data structures minimize memory leaks
* Many tools to examine internal state (one shown here)

Performance Monitoring
Powerful performance monitoring and optimization tools:

* Identifies bottlenecks, both CPU and GPU
* CPU time use decomposed into more than 250 categories
* Counts meshes, polygons, textures, transforms, state changes, etc
* Allows user-defined CPU-usage categories
* Tools for batching and state-change minimization
* Toos to merge textures and minimize texture switches

Mature, Complete System
Mature system used to deliver several commercial games.
Contains everything you need, not just the "sexy" stuff:

* Converters for older file formats
* Font file importers
* Tool to package games into redistributables
* Means to pack art assets into encrypted bundles
* Lots of other boring but essential stuff

Commercial Games Already done with panda3d:

* Disney's Toontown
* Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online
* SimOps Studios: Code3D
* MSA's Thermal Enforcer
* Little Mermaid Pinball, Aladdin Pinball, and Pirates Pinball


Pyweek warm up - City builder

I was going to try out how i would like to make a city game. I through some thing together in 2 hours with Panda3d. Its fun:


Want feed back plz

Well here is a test version: version 1 Try it out