PyWeek - aff:city - feedback

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1 1 1 yes

Couldn't get it to work.

2 3 3 yes

It seems the game has a lot of potential, but I coudn't play it.
I don't know if the game is finished or if I had problems with my configuration.
So, I'm setting "Entry did not work" to avoid altering the rating.

1 1 1

Nothing called Panda3D or simiilar in Ubuntu's repositories, :( Couldn't make it work!

2 3 2

too slow on my machine. to hard to figure out how to run even a small city. placing stuff is hard. i cant inspect my buildings once i made them.

1 3 3 yes

I think that robot theme is not apply.

2 2 1

Too heavy for what it is..<br>
The gameplay is not too fun and not enough complete, and this should come much before the graphics.<br>
And what i say to many others: Where are the robots?

2 2 2

camera translation around the map would be more intuitive if it was a click and drag operation like the camera rotation is.

1 3 2

When I win?

1 3 2 yes

where's the robots? I can't see the theme the challenge

1 3 1

It's not funny

3 3 3

Nice art.

3 4 2

Needs more robots!

4 3 5

Took me many restarts before I figured out what was going on, pretty fun once I figured it out though! I hope you continue to develop this after pyweek!

1 4 1 yes

It´s dont work fine!

1 4 1 yes

The game don´t work, but i don´t know why! I am a graphic artist.

1 3 2

The game had no manual and no instructions in its README. I tried to build staff, but it complained that residentials had no road nearby, and road construction did not work (I clicked and a dotted-circle-like thingie appeared, and disappear after another click). Screen was too dark and hard to see (except under some map angles when moving, or when trying to add roads).

3 2 3

Well... It's a simcity-like thing, yes. It's nice enough but I didn't feel any motivation to get into the game. Some background music might have helped. It's all a bit dry and grey. ;)

5 5 5 yes

Looks like a great game. Unfortunately I could not get panda3d installed. Good luck though.

1 3 3 yes

Doesn't seemed like a finished game, ok you can place buildings, but then what? I have a bunch of
buildings that say inactive but I have no clue on how to make them active

2 3 2

Could have been a neat idea, but not enough direction. I'm also not sure about the connection to robots.

3 3 3 yes

Looks interesting. I don't have panda, nor do I wish to waste time (considering how many games I have to play/judge) downloading some uber dependency.

1 2 3

I found it incedibly hard to use. There was no explanation as to how to move around the world, or how to do anything really. When I did get something to happen, building the command centre, there was then a period where again nothing appeared to be happening, I built some residential things, but then couldnt get the roads to be built, I restarted the game and then found I could build roads but it was still still unclear whether they successfully attached to anything, still nothing appeared to be happening. I then gave up.

1 1 1 yes

richard@shiny:/tmp/affscv4$ sudo dpkg -i panda3d_1.5.0-ubuntugutsy_i386.deb
richard@shiny:/tmp/affscv4$ python
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Warning: DirectNotify: category 'Interval' already exists
Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

1 1 1 yes

I installed Panda3d, but I still got the error-message that it cannot find the
panda-module... As last time, your game does not work for me o.O [WinXp, Python 2.5, PyGame
1.7.1, Panda3D 3+, maybe I'm just to stupid to get dependencies for your programs running
correctly o.O]

4 4 2

A very good sim, if a little bit too similar to other sims of this type. Needs something to make it stand out a bit more.

2 4 3

I could place buildings, and I waited long enough to have 5 building types available, but I couldn't get them to work. It wasn't clear how to solve problems with transport hubs and insufficient workers, insufficient food.

2 3 2

I was a little bit lost at the beginning (i am the type of gamer that has problems with games that have no red string or hints, which gives you a clue what to do next). After reading your ideas.txt i had an glimpse how this game/simulation works and i started a new colony. It was nice too see it growing but after 10minutes of building roads and houses i got borred. But this maybe because i'm not the type of open world, simulation guy, that has fun with those things. So your simulation might be great fun for others.

The game is a realtime colony simulator like sim city (as you mentioned it yourself). The road concept with a road like beam between two pillars is interesting. But because i did not played the simulation that long, i cannot say if i missed some other features. Also the robot theme is not that present as it could be.

Congratulations that you have managed a 3D game. Also the amount of 3D buildings and the graphical quality are great. On the other side i missed some features that would helped me a lot. For example a manual or some lines in the README.txt that explains what to do and how to do it. Furthermore it was irritating that every camera rotation with the right mouse button also sets a new rotation center.

An impressive 3d colony simulator that lacks in terms of usability and user information. But nethertheles a great pyweek entry!