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Possible game involving Proton Enegry Pills, completely over the top American patriotism and jet planes. Well, you never know, eh?


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Well, that's the weekend over with...

Had a busy weekend, and so only just got around to checking the winning theme.

It's not the one I'd have liked, but then that's hardly a problem as I'd given approximately zero time to thinking of ideas for any of the themes anyway.

My immediate thought is to make the "act" part of the theme an acronym. Don't know what yet, but I'll hopefully be able to come up with something that'll mean I don't have to do too much in the way of artwork. I can't draw for toffee, and with a theme like this, unless I'm very careful, I'll have to do something artistic.

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Inspiration finally strikes!

Right. I have an idea, and I think it's going to go some way towards get around my little problem of not being able to draw too well. I find it easier to draw non-organic things, so...

The "act" part of the theme is going to be an acronym for Advanced Camouflage Tank, so the full title of my game will be "Disappearing Advance Camouflage Tank".

As you may expect it'll involve tanks, but the player's tank will have a cloaking type device so that it can't be seen, which is where the "Advanced Camouflage", and therefore the "disappearing" bit comes in. However, the cloaking device requires so much power, that you can only move slowly whilst it's activated and you need to turn it off in order to be able to shoot. There'll be a short delay whilst cloaking/uncloaking and before you can fire, as I think this could make the game a little more challenging.

I need to work out a few things first, but at the moment I see this being a platform based game with a number of simple missions, but in essence it's just going to be a "get from point A to point B (and maybe back again) whilst avoiding being shot yourself, and maybe blowing a few things up along the way" type affair. I hope to be able to design levels which will require some good tactical planning and timing to complete.

I may try and incorporate a few simple puzzle elements as well, but I've no idea how much time I'm going to have this week, so maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

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I've slept on it

No code, art or even scribblings on paper as yet, but I've given this some more thought overnight, and it'll definitely be a side on 2D platformer.

I'm going to limit myself to a maximum of one evening drawing the artwork, and that evening will have to be tonight. During the last 48 hour competition I wasted pretty much all of my time drawing, and wasn't able to submit anything.

I've a good few ideas about how the levels will work, and how I can make them challenging, and I've also a mental plan of the coding which will be required, how the non-game side of things will look (title screen, high score table, instructions etc.) and how I'm going to handle the physics. I'll be coding this myself as I only need basic "arcade" level physics.

All things being well I should get three evenings to work on this, and I'm really looking forward to getting underway tonight.

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