Still needs a chosen game title



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Still needs a chosen game title
Phantasma 2022/09/10 07:16
Title screen(WIP)
Phantasma 2022/09/09 20:42

Diary Entries

Day1: Determining scope, project flow and what to use.

4 out of the 5 themed seemed very favorable with the project I have In mind. I think I will create a simple 2D vertical Platformer for this one. I'll be using pygame for this challenge

Todo List for the next few days will include but not limited to

-Setting up the project framework

-Basic movement and jumping with player sprite

-Tinkering with physics, The red planet means I'm thinking mars style gravity.

-arts and stuff

I'm Also Juggling between work and school so this amplifies the challenge of time management. Day2 onward Should produce some screenshots and updates throughout the week.

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day 2-4: Algorithm Written and basic framework setup

Been busy with work and school. Currently setting up the framework for my project. Will post a screenshots of some artwork done with the player sprites later tonight.

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Diary Update Day 5-6:

I am well aware that time is running out. Starting the programming process and setting up the framework to make the project run.

Menu will have the following:

-Start game

-Options(If I Don't have time to implement sound/music I may discard that feature)



Gameplay will be in the works immediately afterwards.

In the meantime I got some poorly drawn sprites I will be using for this project. If I have time leftover I'll focus on sharpening on the little details.

I'll have screenshots posted once the framework is finished and more will be posted between now and until the end of the challenge.

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...Another DNF!

Got somewhat close this time.

What I was trying to go for in this run: A difficult vertical platformer in which you can easily descend to grab the artifact But getting back up to the surface is the toughest part of the game.

Instructions/Lore: You are an astronaut on an expedition for hidden artifact. One such planet is your most recent lead and decided to land on the surface. The artifact is located at the bottom of a dark hole. Thankfully, your hi-tech suit and the planets gravity made you invulnerable to any fall damage...But by the time you reach the bottom, the numerous pitfalls make it a difficult journey back to the surface.

What haven't been implemented in time:

- The map that sets the stage, terrain, and objects for the gameplay portion of the project

- Player sprites artwork/animations when running and jumping and implementing them

- The goal in which you collect the artifact and return to your ship to complete the game

- Sound/music: If I had any extra time leftover I would have worked that

- A catchy title name

Before the next pyweek event I will be brushing up on my coding skills so when it starts, I'll be ready from the get go.

...I'll be back.

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