Gene Lancer

Mutate, breed, and battle your genetic automata in glorious vector 2d!


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Four hour delay at the airport -> solidified gameplan

Four hours of lager-augmented game pondering down, 6 hours of cross-continent flight to go.
Game: Gene-Lancer
Genetic-algorithm based automata battle it out in simple 2d vector arenas. They all have equal sensing, motive, and attack abilities. It is their control algorithms which will mutate, evolve, and (giggity) breed.

Non-Goals: Evolved morphology would be awesome (a'la Karl Simms), but I would rather have a finished bag of featureless automata than a big unfinished concept.

Base-Goal: Guide the evolution of your little (most likely circular) gladiators and pit them against each other for the players' personal enjoyment.

Strive-Goal: Online leaderboard and battle server for players to stage battles between their automata for top ranking!

Goal for the flight: Vector and ray-casting utilities.

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