PyWeek - Hexaflexagon Simulator 2019 - feedback

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Not really a game. It's a mix of 'not sure what I'm doing' with 'why would I want to to this?'. It runs, it shows a hexaflexagon that you can do... em.. something(?) with, but that's it.

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Really creative idea, great take on the theme! I'm a big fan of hexaflexagons and have been making them for a long time. I would say that even for me, it's a hard topic to get the hang of on screen. You put a few great ideas on how to make it a bit clearer in your post. A Tuckerman diagram would be great. I think a slightly more understandable control scheme would be four fixed buttons for the four ways to flex, and the ones that are unavailable at any given point could be grayed out. Solid black for the sides does not make a great color, as I'm sure you noticed. Definitely interesting, thanks for sharing!

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not sure what I was looking at....
some folding animation would have helped with the visualization I think...

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OK, so this is a simulation of the real life paper thing you can make? I think I would understand what was happening more if there were some animations or something. Your UI looks nice!

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Mind-bending. I recall playing with Hexaflexagons, but I'm struggling to visualise how what I'm doing in the simulator relates to real Hexaflexagons.

I think it needs animated folding although I can imagine that would be even harder to implement.

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I love flexagons! They get pretty complex (, so it's impressive you managed to simulate them properly. A printable export would be nice.

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This seemed cool and I wanted to like it, but I just couldn’t figure out how it worked: I appreciated the nice production touches, although it would have been good to have something more to explain what was going on in the help menu (under construction).

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Very confusing, I did not know what to do. Very cool!

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This is such an awesome idea for a game/toy!

Without animated folding/unfolding, its hard to tell what's going on. I've seen videos before but never made one.

A typo: Limitiations -> Limitations

Did not work


Python 2.7. :-( Please consider using Python 3.7+ next time. Thank you!

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An unusual entry. Was very tricky to understand, but seemed to do 'exactly what it says on the tin'.

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There were some glitches, the game crashed for a few times. And I didn't quite get what I was doing when I was playing it. But I do understand that there is some meaning behind the game, I just personally didn't get it.