Some game to release my rusty pygame + python skills.


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Unfortunately, I will not make it. Too less time for too much todo. In average I worked around 45 minutes to an hour every day. This what not enough from me to get a result worth packaging and uploading.

Nevertheless, I stepped in to pygame zero a little bit and applied some physics simulation stuff.

Wish you all much success and looking forward to test *your* games :-)

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Day 5

finetuned the butterfly animation and took some tender steps into simulation of winds.

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Day 4


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Day 3

Having a vague idea, what is going to happen in my game. Worked on some movement of the player sprite, a flapping butterfly :-)

Have to work into all that physics stuff now. Understanding the theory is different than implementing at the end - challenging and time consuming :-)

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Day 2

Not so much today. Got the object to move and a little to animate. Knowledge and skills are currently really rusty.

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Day 1

Yesterday, when it was not clear which would come up, I already thought about some simple game ideas for every single theme.

Now brainstorming  around "the butterfly effect".

Want to give pgzero a chance and read a little bit in the documentation, installed it and will finish the day with a very simple butterfly related scene using pygame zero.

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