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project pyFrog

A game about a frog to get back home. Help the frog to return home. Required to run Pygame 1.9 and Python 2.7.


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Overall: 3.5
Fun: 3.5
Production: 3.9
Innovation: 3

17% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 14


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noTformaT 2012/09/15 23:04
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noTformaT 2012/09/15 23:02
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noTformaT 2012/09/15 23:01
project pyFrog.zipfinal
noTformaT 2012/09/15 22:59

Diary Entries

Project pyFrog. Day 1.


So ended the first day of competition, and I want to tell all that I have done for the day. But first I'll tell a few words about myself.I live in Ukraine, I'm 22 years old, I have long been fond of game development in python, this is my hobby, I work ActionScript developer. I was not the first time participate in pyweek, before that I was involved in pyweek 13, but I failed, failed to bring the project to the end, I hope this time it's my turn. This time I am involved to find new friends who are also addicted to game development in python, I hope the fact that I got it.

Now a few words about my project. I decided to make a sequel to the well-known fairy tales of our country, "Frog-traveler." In the original tale she died, but in my continued she survived, and now she had to go home. The essence of the game is that the frog needs help to return home. As for the mechanics of the game, this morning I came across a very funny picture, here it is.

Overall, this picture describes the whole mechanics of the game. We will have to find a vector for the frog jump, and the platform for the platform, we will have to return the frog home. Today I managed to do something, all see in this video. 

Now it is very easy, but I hope in the next 6 days, the game will take a great view. I will have a very simple project, just jump from platform to platform, collect different bonuses (mosquitoes and flies), trying not to fall into the trap. My main goal in this competition, to find new friends.

That's all I can tell you today. I hope you like. All the participants good luck. Yet.


Unfortunately I do not know much English. If all of a sudden I made a mistake, I apologize for my bad English. Translated by google translate.

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Project pyFrog. Day 2.

So ended the second day of the competition. Today I did very little. Added to the game counter lives. Also added to the game score counter. I also started drawing style for GUI, but something tells me that I redraw it again, I do not like it, we should do something simpler. All I do today can be seen in this video:
That's all for today. Tomorrow will try to change the GUI and add a scene the end game.
All. Good luck to everyone.


project pyFrog. Day 3.

That ended the third day of competition. I basically had to do everything I wanted today. Redrew the GUI, added animation to the bonus, and restart the game. I know that a little, but no more time. All I have done today can be seen in this video:
Tomorrow will add to the game enemies and stage the main menu.
Good luck to everyone.

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PyWeek - project pyFrog. Day 4.

So halfway through the competition. On the fourth day, I added to the game enemies, this bee, and finishing the end game scene. All I have done is seen in this video: 
Tomorrow I will try to make the main menu. As time is running out before the end of the contest, then most of all, my game will be simple, very simple.
Good luck to everyone.

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project pyFrog. Day 5.

That ended in the fifth day of the competition. Today I did the main menu, scene settings sound and music. Tomorrow will add sounds to the game and try to draw the main player. Also added to the levels in the game, and now the platform is generated randomly.
All I have done today is seen in this video: 
And here are some screenshots.

Good luck to everyone.

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Project pyFrog. Final version.

That ended the contest PyWeek 15. I finished the game! All I had planned was all done. The project turned out simple, but for me it is a great result and experience. I hope I have done everything according to the rules and you are appreciated my game.
Actually the whole of the result:

And the video: 
I was very pleased and interested to participate in the competition. Now I'll be looking forward to the next contest, and now I realized that it was not ready for such an event, hopefully before the next competition of experience.
That's it. Good luck to everyone. I was very pleased.

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