That's right. Built in level editor.

Chain of Command

Who is controlling who?


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Overall: 2.9
Fun: 2.1
Production: 3
Innovation: 3.5

2% respondents marked the game as not working.
Respondents: 33


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final entry
ajhager 2008/04/06 03:12
That's right. Built in level editor.
ajhager 2008/04/01 09:38
Playing the first level-editor built level.
ajhager 2008/04/01 09:37
Menus, hair, and shouts oh my!
ajhager 2008/03/31 11:34
Game mechanics done with placeholder art.
ajhager 2008/03/30 22:14

Diary Entries

Good First Day

The day is not over just yet, but I have made my goals so far. Other than finishing up some collision code, the core game is complete. Now I will get to spend the rest of the week adding menus, proper art, help files, levels, etc. I really wish pyglet had joystick support. :)

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Rad follicles dude, totally.

Our hero woke up with hair today. After running extensive tests, we could find no real reason for this. We released him so he could get back to doing what he does best. What does he do best? Sorry, that is top secret. I was told I could give you this picture of our hero starting his day. What bravery, what passion, what luscious locks.

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Editor, Collision, and Pancakes

Today I added collision detection and response, better graphics, and an in-game level editor. You can access the editor from the main menu and then play that level. Here you can see what looks like our hero going toe to toe with a deadly robot in the first level to ever come out of the editor. It seems as if he has used some sort of device on the metallic beast...I wonder what it could be? Whatever it is, it saved his life.

Oh, and I ate all the pancakes. Sorry.

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I emailed my md5 but 0f065840bff4b82b7ec2ad5e5b269e6b just in case. ;)

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I was so busy working on my entry that I never got around to uploading an updated screenshot. The above shot is from one of the larger levels.

Overall I am pleased with how it turned out. I do wish I could have had more time to create levels. My entry includes about 15 so far, but I have been working on an add-on level pack since the end of the competition. If you enjoy the game and want to play any future versions or maps, I have set up a Google Code site. If you create some fun levels, feel free to contact me and I will consider including them in the next release.

By next Pyweek, I think I would like to have code for scene management and collision response taken care of. Those are the two things that kept me away from more polish and level design. Cocos looks like it fits the first part, and I will be watching it closely.

I learned a lot and had a blast (although I am now ready for a rest).

Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and good luck to all!

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