PyWeek - Chain of Command - feedback

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3 4 4

Nice production. Caused Python 2.5 to bomb on exit which is a first for me!

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It lacks user messages like 'you lose' or something like it.

3 3 4

game crashed when finishing, and besides it is really hard!<br>
After i raised the human voice and made the fuel consumption much lower, i found a really nice game! (though i wish i could remap those keys to something more comfortable..)

2 3 4

The timeout was too low. I never could do anything that it was reseted...

3 4 5

Nice job on the game! I'm impressed with how smooth it is. The gameplay idea is incredibly innovative, and it was really neat to play with. The GUI was very smooth, and I loved the pictures being interjected in the instructions -- it reminds me of the old stories that kids read in Hilights and whatnot. On a less-positive note, it was a bit too frustrating to be very enjoyable -- it was incredibly frustrating to just tap the robot and then you need to restart. The robot is just as deadly as the boiling stuff, and that was a bit disappointing. It took a few tries to beat the first level, but the second level was a bit too hard, and I gave up after more than a dozen tries. I had only barely made it past the third gun when I ran out of time.<br><br>
Overall it was an enjoyable and mentally stimulating game -- great job on an original concept and developing it so well. Very well done! :)

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A bit hard to control, also the fuel limit is very hard, but a very good idea! Keep making it!

3 4 5 yes

I think the start time/fuel for the robot was just a tad short, it was a bit too frustrating even once I started getting the hang of it. Also, I think the robot should just stop when it runs int the human, rather than making you start over.

I like the menu music, how come no music during the game?

2 2 2

I never got past the first level, either the game is bad or it's me... To preserve my honour I have to say game...

2 3 3

to Difficult!

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Is very difficult

2 2 3

Far, far too difficult. You need time to think about these things, particularly when the control schemes for the two charaters are wildly different and you apparently can't even let them touch.

3 4 4

Interesting idea, definitely challenging! Very nice polish, the game really felt solid and playable. Perhaps a bit of game balance to make it a bit less difficult, and I think this one would be more than ready for a release. Great Job!

5 4 5

Excellent! Very creative idea. I wish there had been some easy levels to get started - these were all way hard!

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I tried to figure this out but was unable to complete a single level. It seems that the fuel leak is too fast on my computer to succeed.

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I couldn't play it - I simply couldn't get the robot to the fuel quickly enough.

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It´s bad!

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4 4 4

Very nice, and well executed - but dang it is hard!

2 3 4

I found the ten second limit too hard, it ended up frustrating. I like the idea, perhaps with more time to act and slower motion, I would play this a lot

2 1 3

Game is kind of confusing

1 2 4

Very creative idea - I really like the idea of the human-robot interaction, you came up with a lot of neat mechanics, I think. However it's really a killer that this is so brutally frustratingly hard. Most levels give the robot so little starting fuel it's a challenge to get to the first fuel. Many other levels are really difficult marathon length as well. Also the voice range is so small and the hit collision is so broad and there are so many killing items and blocks that I can barely even get the robot to do anything without dying trying to get into a safe position. I think you really took the theme in a neat way, and I would really love to play it with starter levels that let me just have fun getting used to the controls without beating me down constantly. Also, it would be neat if the s and d turned the robot left and right respectively, as opposed to turn right and turn around. I don't see why I'd really even want the robot to ever turn around, but not being able to turn left adds a lot to the frustration factor.

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It looks like a fun concept, but I really couldn't get anything done in the 9 second time limit . Maybe I just suck.

2 3 4

Nicely done, but kinda hardcore.

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This *should* have been good, but I couldn't get the hang of it. The time limits are way too tight - I couldn't seem to accomplish anything useful before my robot ran out of fuel. It needs some much easier levels to get started with.

2 2 2

Too dificult. I can't pass the first level, I tried 10 min

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The idea is good but the game itself is.. mediocre. This is mostly related to the controls:
Human and Robot don't move from tile-to-tile so if you are just ONE PIXEL off the robot rolls
over you and you die. Repeatedly.

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It's a nice game with a very nice idea, but it's far to hard to make any fun to me ;( - I struggled several minutes with the first(!) level and gave up in the second (!) after several failures... - as said, nice idea, but it's not much fun to play (fuel to fast empty, getting flatted by the robot as I was 1mm on his field as I did not wanted to go the other 1mm in the other direction, as I would have been killed instantly on this field [mjam, boiled human])

2 3 4

Very interesting idea, but frustratingly difficult.

3 3 5

Couldn't finish most of the levels on time, but the game play is very unique!

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Extremely frustrating controls. Shout radius was too low, the level didn't start when I pressed a button, but as soon as it loaded, controls were horribly laid out.

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Cool! I really got the feeling that I was a person controlling a robot via commands.

The controls weren't all that intuitive, almost awkward at times.

I like the graphics too. Simple but full of style, with a great color scheme that fits in with the theme too!

1 2 1

The game is too hard (I think impossible) ... how do I even pass a level?

2 4 3

This game is difficult! I think with a little bit of balancing it would have been fun for me too but the robots loosing fuel so fast and there is no room to go and the simplest touch leads to the humans death, that was very frustrating for me and i didn't finish a level.

The idea is great. It is an interesting approach to control a robot and also follow him.

This is the part where think your game shines! The GUI is well designed and everything seems right. The graphics are simple but stylish and your sfx tops the design off.

Your game is difficult to rate. The production stuff is excellent and the idea is great too but for my arcade skills the game is quite to hard.

4 4 4

This is a pretty good game. At first I did not like the concept of the controls, but then I realized how it created the puzzle aspect of the game.

Great inclusion of the theme, and pretty well polished. I didn't have any issues other than the fact that if the robot is going to cause your death, I think that even increasing the shout range by a few pixels would have changed the game from slightly frustrating, to truely enjoyable.

Ajhager, great entry overall.