Crysis: Director's Cut Edition


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day one

I do have an idea, a concept, but not a good design yet. Am I worried about this? Not really....maybe a little? I am just repeating to myself, keep it simple, keep it simple, because I know if I get into anything with a lot of content or tricky programming I will be in serious trouble! Waking up this morning I heard a little tune in my head for a musical theme, got up and worked it out, so that was pretty fun. One thing I am realizing is that I should have had my production tools ready to go before the week started...oh well!

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Well I'm not going to finish unfortunately, though I feel I've learned some valuable lessons:
  1. Have all tools and workflow ready and tested before the week starts!
  2. Don't try to be too 'original' with concept or gameplay -- better to use Pyweek (at first anyway, if you're just starting out) as practice in finishing a game, something you probably have to do many times to get good at it! Then worry about being original. Let the originality flow like the Force; don't force it.
  3. Pyweek is really fun and I want to do it again (successfully!)

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