Do the Python comunity want it?

As my previous post shows I'm probably gonna implement a really simple scene graph that is structured close to OpenGL. The only things it will support in the beginning is Tree Structuring objects with node translation/scaling/rotating, Cameras and hopefully a util library for simple collision detection and translations between coordinate systems (spheres and cubes) .

Almost just a more object oriented interface to GL and some Scene Graph related functions.

my question is: is there any interest in a python written lib for this? or is all that already handled with libs like pyOGRE.

sometimes i feel comfort in libs written in python. wrappers are not as good in representing the language, and you can feel lost. I used once OSG (Open Scene Graph) but with wrapper in Java, that was a horrible experience. Is pyOGRE a good wrapper?

(OBS! I know that python almost is a wrapper. Done some extensions :P, needed audio working on mac systems, go Core Audio)

If there is interest in such a library pleas use this thread as a wish list :D.

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There's been plenty of prior work on scenegraphs for OpenGL in Python. I recommend you try a google search on the subject.
Ok thx.. then there is no need. I should at least seen, OpenGLContext!