Registration Opens!

Registration for new users is now open!

Please feel free to spruik PyWeek to any news site you can think of. I gave up submitting Python-related news to Slashdot some time ago, but hey, maybe one of you might have more success :)

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For some reason there doesn't seem to be any link for me to use to let my younger brothers to sign up.
Yes it's true an 8 year old will take part. 8-}
Whoops! Sorry about that. I should've checked. It should be OK now.

As a total newbie to Python, I have a few questions about this challenge thing:
* Would it be alright to program something using wxPython, distributing just the program code without wxPython itself and telling people in the readme they need to also install wxPython?

* The help mentions some additional .py for uploading. Are any installations on the uploading machine required for entrants? The thing is, my private machine is not connected to the internet, so I have to use a pool pc at the university where I am not allowed to install new software.

Currently, I am not sure whether I will enter or not. Part of it depends on above questions, and part of it on how well I get acclimated in Python in the next days (I have some C++ experiences with a bitter ending, as well as wxWindows experience, but Python is a bit different, and so is wxPython (^_^;; ).

Yes, let people install wxPython themselves, but provide some super-easy-to-follow instructions in your README about how to do that. (e.g., "Windows users: download http://... and run the program; Ubuntu users: apt-get wxpython; Mac OS X users: ..."). Don't forget to include wxWidgets in addition to wxPython (unless it's included by default these days).

With XX number of games to play in 2 weeks, most people don't have the patience to mess around installing dependencies if they're too difficult.

In previous comps the has just been a convenience (apologies if I've missed some change in the rules), there is a standard HTTP upload via web browser which you should have no problems with (but leave plenty of time, as the server gets clogged up in the final few hours).

Good luck!


Thank you for the answer.

As for wxPython, at least the Windows installer included everything that was needed, as far as I know, and it was a working, single .exe installer, and the official download page gives lots of good information on how to actually install things (unlike the pages of a few other libraries ...). At least for Windows people, it should be no problem, Linux seems to be easy enough as well, only Mac seems a bit more complicated because they mention some special framework Python or something... (^_^;;

Phew, from time to time, the fact that I am privately offline creates problems. That is why I was worried this contest may be such a case. Well, I will actually not be able to go online starting Thursday evening and then over the entire weekend, so I will have to have finished by Thursday morning anyway, so the clogged server shouldn't be much of a problem for me.

Thanks again.