Looking forward

Excellent, I love pyweeks. I'm looking forward to it, maybe this time I'll do something that has at least some polish, balance and sounds. :)

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If that's what you're doing I'm looking forward to it!

I mean if it's going to be better than last time...I couldn't stop playing your game last time until about a month had past...

So good luck!
Really? I'm glad to hear that. :)

I don't know if it's going to be better, I hope so. To be honest, when I first played your game I didn't understand how to destroy the cannons, but it was a very nice first game, especially considering your age. At your age I had absolutely no clue or contact with coding. It took some years for me to have some contact, and I'm still learning. :P

There's still a long, long time (49 days, to be exact) until it starts, but good luck to you too.
I looking forward too :)
I just hope we(I, if I go alone) can make a game that focuses more on fun this time, rather than on production ;)

Good luck you two :)
Yaay more pyweek! Hopefully we get a game together this time. Maybe I can get my library together before pyweek starts so I can use it in the compo. c.c
I hope I can finish my lib before the month-before breakoff,
but I have a feeling some of it will have to be sacrificed, and some of it will be very rough :/
And that is without considering I have to document it.
Oh well, it might be good for me to try making a game without a lib this time anyway, as I haven't done that in a little while :P
Tee-py5 which game did you make? Clicking on your name doesn't lead me to profile or to games you did :( Richard seems like your game bouncy hit debian & seems would be hitting ubuntu also soon :) Atleast emmet.hikory@gmail.com says so. :)
Hey, it was even on a coverdisk :)

(Not bad for a game that is really quite limited in its gameplay...)

Pyweek #2: http://www.pyweek.org/e/Tee/ (You're a gigantic, planet-destroying, monster of steam)
Pyweek #4: http://www.pyweek.org/e/Tee-py4/ (You're a trainee who wants to reach CEO using subtle ways)
Both could use some extra polish, sounds and balance, but they're playable. (I've just remembered that the first one lacks balance too. It gets hard too fast.)
Richard, bouncy seems to not work with ubuntu 7.04, any ideas? The same version worked on Ubuntu 6.06
a new pyweek so cool
john: it works for me. Could you email me with a more detailed error report please?