Ideas, ideas.

I had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea that I liked. Everything I came up with was either too boring, too complex, or something that has been done before. That's not to say that my current idea hasn't been done before, as it is an old school side scroller, but I hope I can make it different enough from other games that it's still interesting. The idea here is basically that you're operating a steamboat on the wide open ocean, trying to avoid any hazards and fighting some enemies. The mockup I made is pretty flat, so I might go with something like in games like Double Dragon or Battletoads (which actually had the toads operating some water scooters), so I can have some more interesting maps. In the mockup I made there's not much yet, but there's the player's steamboat and an enemy sailing ship. Other possible enemies would be mines, birds, and perhaps a dieseld powered boss battleship. Some abilities that I've been thinking for the ship are jumping, diving and charging (demolish sailing boats by crashing into them). I'm probably not giving it guns, because that's boring. More on the game as I progress. Currently is mostly just an idea, which might be bad because it's already the second day, but it's not too complex, so I'm sure I can manage it. :-)

pekuja on 2006/03/27 10:13 of Trip on the Funny Boat