30 hours, 8 games left.

How is everybody else doing rating? I've found despite the number of games I've had quite a bit of fun doing it. I keep having to stop myself coming back to a few of them.

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...actually, probably a few more than 8. I had quite a few that wouldn't run under Python 2.5 which I plan to go through and re-rate if I have time at the end.
I have 5 unrated, but they either don't work or I'm too lazy to install dependencies. I didn't mark them as "didn't work" yet because I might try again later.
later is almost here!

I think I've got at least ten I haven't even looked at yet.
I ran into a few that didn't run in 2.5, usually it was a non-ASCII character error. Well, I judged them all. That was very time consuming. I'm surprised, there are a few games I may actually keep and play, which is what I was hoping.
I have 9 not rated - mostly those that didn't run out of the box or required dependencies that need time to setup. I really hope I find the time to do some more ratings today
I've written around 7500 words of review and rated all but 5 of the games. There are a couple I could probably get working if I muck with dependencies, but I've spent so much time on the reviewing that I'm not sure I want to give any more.
I have about 10-15 left to do :/

I think I have played all of the games (except FluffyMenace) and written down ratings, now I just need to upload them to the site :)

And just 4 more hour to go, I cant wait to see the results!
Well I've finished rating them all now. I don't think I'll have time to go over many that didn't work in Python 2.5 thuogh.
I just finished as well. There are still 5-10 entries that didn't work for me, and I tried my hardest to get them to. Now to wait for the results...
ok, I have made all the games work and rated them, except for FluffyMenace, I guess I'll try to make that one run now(I have an idea, but its probably going to eat up about 75% of the fps :P)