Launch Ship Please

Before voting on the game, please either download the one-line fixed version here:
or make sure not to click the launch button while people are on/waiting to go on a mission.

We had a pretty good time with developing this game, but not nearly enough time to do all that we had wanted to! There will certainly be future versions to come.

The game isn't as complex as it seems, you should be able to figure out how to play from trying stuff, and the people are pretty fun to watch for a bit as well. The general idea is: make units on the left screen, send units in groups to find resources on the headquarters screen, and wait until you have enough resources to launch the ship. It's much simpler than the somewhat clunky interface makes it appear.
In fact, it's hardly a game at all!

I'm impressed with a lot of the other entries, so impressed that I'm going to hold off on voting until I've played through a lot of them till the end. It would be very easy to distribute the top score to too many games and not have a good enough range of scores.

Good job everyone, I hope you can get over the scary tutorial and enjoy "Up Up and Away" for what it is: a fun little toy simulation that only gives you as a player a minor effect on what's going on.