Last day: start, finish, and everything in between.

So yeah, this was a very last-opportunity entry to PyWeek. I'm on vacation right now, and things have been really busy with me switching jobs and everything. However, I had a little bit of time when I woke up a couple of hours early this morning, so I hammered out most of the gameplay before breakfast. I was pleased with what I was able to do, so I created an entry page and uploaded some preliminary screenshots. As we drove around for the day, I had little snippets of time where I could add more spit and polish to the game. Finally, we all hung out at the mall after spending most of the day at the zoo, and I was able to sit on a couch and upload the final version a little while before the deadline.

Anyways, enough of the story. Time for the official "postmortem":

What went right:
The best thing that went right about this project was having a small scope. As a result, I was able to accomplish everything that I wanted to do.

What went wrong:
Uhm... not much I can think of. I'm actually really happy with everything that happened with this project, and I consider it a fairly complete (albeit small) success.

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Fact: solo game in a day is ten kinds of awesome.