Post RC

Well this is my final game. So I gotta write a bit about how was it and stuff.
My game is PyTower. On the first day I had a hard time deciding with which concept to go. I decided cloning an old favourite, Sim Tower - one of the less known Sim games.
So I started all happy, coding like a monkey, and doing no planning at all. That proved to be a mistake, as my code looks like patch adams :)
But now I have a working game, with about 1500 lines of code. I gotta say I learned a lot of stuff in the process, which will probably come up in the post mortem.

About the game:
It's a building game. You got a tower to build and 3 types of bricks. Not very exciting, but it's a sim...You can keep playing until you are rich and will retire. It even has a plot.
What it lacks is game play :) But it's the first game I have both started and FINISHED in a while now, because I tend to leave half finished games behind me :). I like it, and I hope you will too...Be gentle...

About the competiotion:
Wow, some very very good games this time around, especially in the individual category...I don't know how many will finish, but by what Ive seen in the IRC channel and here, It's a lot...And high quality too. So keep on pushing, you still got 2 hours!
Good luck all. I must get some sleep...