The Train Game!

Ok, so I was once reading about the difficulty in modern freight trains of going over a hill, because of the weight of the entire train gets concentrated in the links between the cars, not to mention the inertia etc.

So I decided to make a game where the goal, in exaggerated simulation fake phsyics of course, is to get the train over the hill via a combination of cautious pulling by the locomotive and braking by the caboose... or so i hope.. this could easily be either 1. extremely confusing and difficult to make an intuitive interface too, or 2. just plain dumb. Ah, the fun of arbitrary programming contests!

Check out my screenshot! Also, feel free to listen to my background music, I put an mp3 here. Its very simcityish, I composed it in garageband last night.. not much of a musician, but I think its enjoyable.

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O_O Very Very Nice!!
very cool!
normal steam trains cant take more then 3% grade ... most grades are never more then 2% while shay locomotives can take up a bit more but were only used for logging...

Interesting Treeform.. however normal steam locomotives do not have to deal with limited screen real estate!

The fun of game making is in the abstraction of reality, not the modeling of it imho :)