Final Diary Summary: Post-Mortem

Welp let’s start right away on what went wrong…

I certainly could have done more with this project had I figured out how to set the win conditions for my game. I mentioned in the previous diary entries that this was one of the major hurdles I needed to get through. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out in the end. However, my backup strategy was to just let the player go to the next level or return to previous level which is not something I wanted to do but it was a compromise in order to finish the project in time.

What I've been doing differently this time compared to previous pyweek events?

Actually building a design document with a development timeline and sticking to it. It helped substantially in keeping the project within the scope.

Despite this major setback I think I had a good run this time.

Best wishes to everyone else who participated, and thank you for trying out the game.