Mechanics and puzzles

After reading the ratings here a few words:

The relation to the theme is the drinking straw which is like a tube or pipe. The kid in the intro plays with it (slurping and blowing) and thinks of an elephant.

First thing to figure out was that the suck action is triggered by a right click. Left click lets you blow.

Second thing was in the dream world as elephant that one could suck in two things and blow them out in reverse order.

Third thing is the power bar. The tip in the readme was Try to eat some.. If you eat the right things then you power bar gets green. The greener the power bar is, the further you can blow. Eating is done by moving the mouse cursor to the mouth (the tip has to be on the mouth) and blow the fruit you sucked up earlier.

The rotating platform: this was the main puzzle and here is the way solve it: you need patience, grab some bananas from the left tree (wait until you can reach them) and eat them until the power bar is full (green). Then grab some more (does not matter if banana or lemon) and shoot the target on the right (should be reachable with the full power bar). Next wait until you can hop on the descending platform on the right and move to the end.

Overall for us it was a fun pyweek and had some other fun ideas for this game. But unfortunately we ran out of time to implement them or to design more levels.