Day 5 - Challenge Over

That's it.

Serval is currently packing the final submission package of our small game. It is functional, and as far as we have seen bug-free (except a rare error in the AI-Script which needed special upfront preparation by the player - but we had no time to look further into this and create a routine to avoid this error)

We had to crop the intro sequence and the catscene to textboxes due to lack of time. Sadly, there are also not more than 2 levels in this version.

We probably *will* continue our work on this game after the challenge, which will mostly consist of cleaning up the code, adding some new "functions" to newly added "fields", adding character movement animation and adding a lot more levels!

For us it is left to say, that we had a lot of fun (and some difficulties to keep our sanity... ;)) during our first PyWeek challenge and that we are a little bit proud about our game - After all we learned alot!

Enjoy the rest of the challenge and good luck for your projects - some of you have achieved amazing things until now! o.o

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YES, we've already finished our game!! ... Ok, we just have something playable with intro, catscene, outro and a fancy start menu - it's just waaaay to short. Even for a little game.

I wish the code wasn't such a mess but that's only because I'll need to clean it up after the compo. Zahme did some really nice graphics and helped me keep coding. I bet he'll be a fullfleged pixel artist soon. ^^

Now we need to pack and get to bed early (or at least earlier than during pyweek) to catch our train in the morning. Good luck for all of you who are still struggling to finish their games. Have fun and happy Easter holidays (if you have any)! ;)
Congratulations on finishing!

Way to scare me with that title! I had to double-check the competition ending date to make sure I wasn't about to lose by default

But seriously, congrats :)

Congrats on making it!
congrats guys :)