End of Day 5

tested on the mac - I'm getting weird mouse inversions there. Seems like I was sometimes not seeing that before, but I forget what the deal with that was.

I dropped my code into the Skellington framework for the first time, and with a little bit of hammering on run_game.py, everything runs fine.

The OGG playback on the Mac sounds really bad. I'm not sure what (if anything) to do about that.

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The mouse inversion problem is a bug in SDL on OS X. It's been patched and unpatched intermittently over several versions. Unless you can find a source on the specific versions it's been patched on (or are distributing SDL with your game), it's probably best to add an option for inverting the mouse as a workaround.
I do hope to make a binary version for the Mac, but I imagine that there will be folks who will try using the source version there - so it sounds like I'm adding "Flip Mouse Y" to my options screen.