Days 4 and 5: Jumping and Terrain Generation

Didn't get the chance to make an entry yesterday, so I'll share what happened here.

Yesterday I finished getting all parts of every animation into the game. I also tried to make realistic gravity, but it didn't go so well...

Today I freshened up some sprites and made some things look much better. I also added terrain generation, and logic so the player falls if they aren't on a block. Unfortunately, there is no acceleration/gaining momentum while falling, so everything is quite obviously very linear. Maybe I'll come up with some way to make that better. I also got in some textures for blocks to stand on, which I think looks decent.

Tomorrow I really need to kick it into gear. The main thing on the list is making all the block textures, then making all the levels I can. This also means I need a way to store the level, which shouldn't be too terribly difficult (I hope). After all that, I need to add the actual main point of the game: the evil twin. I hope I can get all this tomorrow because if I don't, I'll be pretty behind.

After the (hopefully) grand success tomorrow will be, I would like to implement a health bar on each enemy and for the player. Then, I need to add in the simple ai to move the enemies towards the player. After that, I just need some sound effects and a sound track, both of which I will try to make myself.

New sprites and terrain