Day 4 - Approaching the End

Another day passed and we have made some major achievements.

Code had the most progress today:
- The AI script is working just the way we wanted to have it... It works even better and created some interesting events we did not expect - but these just fitted :)
- Game Over Screen appears when Johnny or Evilguy get hold of you - splendid! :D
- A small scripted sequence now occurs at every level start
- Some corrections were made to improve/sort the code - mainly for better access... I think... Well, Serval assured me that this was done... I'll just believe her ;)

Art/Graphic progressed, but not as aspired:
- Scenery for Outro was generated
- The Character Johnny and Evilguy were drawn (both looking the same).
- ...

I also used some of my time today to search some soundfiles (from the databases listed on the pygame-resources page) we will use - Fortunately, we found all we need, so we just need to implement them.

Our remaining To-Do's for our last PyWeek Day tomorrow:
- Creating a second Chara-Set for Evilguy, so the player is able to tell the difference between Johnny and Evilguy
- Implementing Sound-Files
- Implementing new Chara-Graphic-Sets for Johnny and Evilguy
- Creating a larger transparent image for the outro (quite important)
- Implementing the Outro-Images and Scripting the whole Outro-Sequence (also important)
- Implementing the Title-Screen (still important)
- Creating some images where parts of the story will be told, we are not covering with the game we will send in for this challenge... We will cover those Story-Parts in a later version with an real intro and a real cutscene - that's for sure!
- (Maybe) creating another level (lowest priority)
- Creating some Credits
- Fiddling the whole package into the PyWeek Skellington
- Submitting the latest version as Final version
- Heading off into the Easter Holidays

We would finish - If we would have one or two more days ;o)