uploaded final v1.2 - summary

I learned many things this pyweek: tts, stt, multiprocessing, subprocessing, queues...

.. but then the game part lacked a bit. But I think it was not the struggle about the technologies that slowed me down, but the lack of a clear vision for the theme.

In case you don't know what those abbreviations mean:

tts: text to speech

stt: speech to text (yes, you will have to talk into a microphone)

...and the other things can be read in the python help.
Here some hints about multiprocessing:
  • it uses 4 processes at once
  • it uses queues to commincate
  • logs are redirected from all processes into one
  • there is a watchdog mechanism in the main.py so when a child process dies it stops everything
  • something that I was not aware of: if a module does things during import then the import has to be in the method that is run by the subprocess (this was one bugfix for linux using the sounddevice module in stt.py)

But hey, the game has a puzzle besides all the audio fun. Enjoy.