We were informed that there was an issue with our game and Python 3.9.3...while we are not able to recreate we are aware and trying to find/resolve the issue

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The game went fullscreen and black. Then it crashed. I am using a mac. Here is the error message:

Hello from the pygame community.

2021-04-04 17:57:33.186 Python[12014:510446] ApplePersistenceIgnoreState: Existing state will not be touched. New state will be written to /var/folders/bz/xkw8wzcn71vg5w7b0k3tdt100000gn/T/org.python.python.savedState

Fatal Python error: pygame_parachute: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault

Python runtime state: initialized

Current thread 0x00000001197fee00 (most recent call first):

  File "/Desktop/pyweek31/pyweek31-master/src/", line 36 in launch_game

  File "/Desktop/pyweek31/pyweek31-master/", line 31 in launch_game

  File "/Desktop/pyweek31/pyweek31-master/", line 16 in __init__

  File "/Desktop/pyweek31/pyweek31-master/", line 42 in <module>

zsh: abort python3