Halt!: Done

I don't have a good track record with strategy games but I'm satisfied with how this one turned out. It's a card-based game where the goal is to figure out who is the killer, and your cards are investigative actions. It has some light deck-building mechanics but in the end it turned out that adding cards isn't very helpful (ah well). There are three different "characters" that serve as different decks, and I tried to make them play differently. It's supposed to be set in the Victorian era but I didn't have time to add anything in particular that indicates that (besides the old-timey color scheme).

Unfortunately I didn't have time to add in-game rules; you'll have to be a bit patient and read the README.txt. The game isn't too complicated once you understand how things work. I also don't expect the game to be very well balanced but it seems to be ok. Luck might be a bigger factor than I would like (technically you could win in turn one if you're lucky).

The implementation took me longer than I expected (especially all the interface), and I had to make it hacky at some parts to finish in time, so I'm not surprised if there are bugs. Post here if you find issues or if you're confused about anything in the game.

If you're looking for a challenge, try to be a good guy and not arrest any innocent people. :)