Day 4: Polishing Some More

My goals today were to make it so that the game could not pick the same heart twice in a row, and also tweak the colors on the character in the center. In case I finished those early, I also added some other goals, which were to add a save system and visual feedback when the player made a mistake.

A lot of these tasks were easier to implement than I expected, and I finished them all. I also added new sprites for the center character, so he would point to the activated heart. I am starting to be happy where my game is.

I did not encounter many issues in actual development. However, I am starting to realize that I am running out of meaningful features to add to this game. I can only think of a couple before adding new things either hurts accessibility and fun, or ends up being significantly more effort than the benefit I would gain. Tomorrow might be when I finish the actual game, and then work on packaging it.

A screenshot of gameplay. It has a circle with a green blob holding a scalpel, with hearts in all four cardinal directions. The blob points to the red heart towards the bottom.