now with highscore :-)

spent this day making a game out of the toy. try it, if you dare :-) plan for tomorrow:

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Hmmpph I don't know which python version you are using, but you got some chars in your code that make python unhappy...I just deleted the lines (comments, I guess in you language :)) and it worked...Kewl! I like it...A bit tricky at first. The effect that the screen is eaten is cool...
Also the rope is magical and can go through platforms, or is it a bug?
Nice game, very kewl!
Looking better. :)

The rope still feels a bit odd. It would be great if you could swing on the rope horizontally (I can't, for example, use the rope to swing to a platform on a level above; I have to climb rope after rope). At first, it wasn't obvious I had to climb rope after rope, I kept trying to swing to a higher platform.

Also, I would spend a bit of time on a background and some graphics for the platforms (unless you want it that way, of course - it's just my opinion). I should be spending my time working on my game instead of reading and posting here. :)

thanks for the feedback... i love free testers hehe. am dogfooding it to myself a lot.

working on better graphics is top priority tomorrow :-)

and the rope really does feel strange, i hope this gets better when i had recoil - this way you CAN use the rope to swing to above ropes if you get yourself fast enough. i'm not sure how it feels, but touching the rope-physics code again will mostly break them (will try that on the last day *g*)

@the chars in the code... python doesnt like non-unicode comments or something. every now and then ä,ü,ö slips in when i'm tiered and write a comment in german.

@rope through plattforms ... hm.. bug