Because I have the time, I'll write a brief explanation of how the game will work, and how I came up with the idea.

TL;DR: I want to do something other than Cops Shoot Bad Guys, so you fly around and complete tasks.

Basic gameplay:

You control a hovercraft from a top-down view. Tasks will be randomly generated, then displayed as "pings" on your view and mini-map. Once you reach a ping, you will have to remain at the ping for an amount of time based on the task. A next step might be required, like transporting a wounded officer you picked up to the hospital. The challenge comes from having multiple tasks that require your attention and a limited time to complete them.


I wanted to make a police game that wasn't just a shoot 'em up. Because police do a lot, with shooting crooks being only a small amount of their job. I had been toying with the idea of a top-down flying game for a while and realized within two minutes of seeing the theme that these ideas could work together.