Day 3 - Only 2 more to go

Well, ... ...

It took me a whole day just to create 1 (one!) character - njaaarg XD... I used an template for RPGMaker Characters, which can be found on our Diary page (I uploaded it so everyone could use it - if anyone wants to...).

On the bright side, Serval was able to achieve multiple codish thingies today. A character that would turn into the direction it is going (well, if there *would* be a character-image implemented, yet), loading the maps with the correct tiles [yay! We have full functioning levels], and other things I cannot remember right now - but we made progress on this front, that's for sure.

Next steps for me are:
- Drawing another Character (the evil foes)
- Drawing the title Screen
- Drawing screens and scenery for Intro/Outro/Cutscene and whatever we will probably need.

Next steps for Serval are:
- AI-Script for the evil-guys
- Implementation of some kind of "walking-animation"
- some small sequences and scripted events
- finally (when I'm ready with the graphical stuff) scripting the intro/outro/cutscene

Unfortunately, we probably will not finish this game until end of competition (as predicted), as we will have to stop developement on Thursday evening (Day 5) and submit the version we have then as "final" one. Because we will be somewhere else during the upcoming easter-weekend and will have no access to internet.

Anyway, we try to get as far as possible... and will not finish ;)

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Typing things. ..... Try to run the game. Doesn't work.
Typing more things. ..... Try to run the game. Still doesn't work.
Typing a little more. ..... Try to run the game. Doesn't work. New error message.
Typing, typing.. ... Try to run the game. Doesn't work. Typo.
Fix Typo. .. Try to run the game. Error. Added another typo. Comment out one line. .... Game works. Yay.

I'm not sure if pyweek is good for my sanity, but it's fun. ;)