Day 2: A Day of Rough Polishing

My goal today was to add text, instructions, and a scoring system.

I met my goals, and even had time to go further. The game now has a score keeping system, where the high score is displayed on the menu. I also added text which explained how to begin the game. In addition, I added some music I found. Using Affinity Designer, I created a new menu screen, which is nicely polished.

I had two main problems today. The first was adding music, since the files I originally wanted were not compatible with pygame. However, I found some different files and managed to get them to play when they were supposed to. The second problem was I kept getting a display surface error. To fix that, I had pygame exit the file with exit(), in addition to pygame.exit()

A screenshot of the menu screen. It contains a high score (hearts copped), instructions to play, and the game title.