Day 0 + 1 - Game idea, and Boring stuff outta the way

Today and yesterday evening were spent coming up with ideas on what to make.

I decided to go for a management-style game, where you run around town and bust crime around the city. Probably won't get me much in Innovation points but it's something I haven't done and I wanted to try so I'm gonna go for it. Probably will add a few extra determining factors in as well, like energy and gas and stuff. Can't think of a clever name, so I'm just gonna call it On Patrol until I think of something better.

Anyways, that was an unnecessarily long explanation. Let's get to the even more boring stuff. My school has piled on work, so I also spent most of yesterday and today finishing up future assignments for the week so I don't procrastinate and can just focus on this, which will be really nice. I meant to do it all before the jam but I underestimated the workload, as well as what I was already tackling for school and work.

Anywho you don't care about homework either, tell us about the game!!! Uh... I made a map loader, which spawns in buildings and roads 'n stuff. Hoping to have multiple maps, but we'll see how that pans out. I also made a click n point movement system along roads so that your cop car finds a path and goes there. You can click on buildings to and it'll send you to the nearest parking spot/road. So that's pretty neat. I also made a little event loop where crimes pop up in buildings every once in a while, and they go through multiple cycles where more and more bad stuff happens (like more stuff gets stolen, or an impromptu wrestling match continues), until they eventually fade out and you lose health or get a complaint filed or something, I dunno yet.

I get an F on organization for this post, but that's ok. I mostly do this for self-reference, and I can decipher my own language fine.

Good luck to the rest of you guys, and go outside every once in a while or something.

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I'm actually making a game very similar to yours, except in mine the player manages the whole department rather than just one officer. Coincidence I guess! I'm excited to see your game when you finish and try it out :)

The organization was good and I enjoyed the read - not many people talk about the "personal" part of the story, and they just tell their idea instead. People's stories are interesting 👀

Good luck!