late start

I set out to help philhassey's team instead of doing an own entry, but as I rather suck at pixel art, and right now they need NES-style tile and sprite art, this wasn't quite satisfying.
And just now, I happened to have the greatest game idea ever - so I tentatively fired up vim and with a blank file (the "screenshot" is just a mockup, all I really have so far is nothing :P) and might try doing a solo entry.

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No you can't do running out of air, I have a patent on running out of air storylines! Lol jk. Good luck starting so late all by yourself, it sounds like a neat idea. And yay for vim.
Oh, heh, didn't know there's another running out of air game - which one is your game?
Up up and away

I have the running out of air and everyone dying part, but I'm missing the ever so important saving the people BEFORE they run out of air part ;)

I am liking the sound of your game btw, and it's totally different from mine, hehe.
No worries. A late start is miles ahead of a false start. A good idea and excitement to finish it will put you far ahead of some of the groups that have had a plan and have yet to really push on.

Our team has a good idea, but we just haven't made the progress yet. Better than last PyWeek where we made tons of progress and had to scrap half of it because of a change in direction.

Tomorrow and Friday are going to need a flurry of activity or we are going to have a hard time finishing.