Almost on track

I had planned today to implement all the gameplay; before making a start on the graphics and level design. I ended up spending too much time rewriting the OBJ loader so that it exposes the different meshes by name (this is how I'll be designing levels), and to draw things in a sane way.

On the gameplay side of things, a bit of refactor means I now have a really clean split between game code, graphics code and the fps dynamics code... this is something that's always eluded me in the past. (In my previous two pyweek entries the "gameplay" was bolted on only in the final few hours).

Gameplay now lets the player shoot the baddies (not with a gun though... I'm not that predictable), bump into the baddies (ellipsoid/ellipsoid) and lose health.

I initially tried to do the shooting test with a ray/ellipsoid intersection, but couldn't get it working. Then I (slowly, I know) realised that I'd need to test against the walls as well. Then (finally) I realised that I could just use the selection buffer, which is really cool (I've never used it before).

Schedule for the rest of the week:

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Woot. And yeah, the selection buffer is quite useful, isn't it ;) [though I'm *sure* I've heard you bagging it in the past...]