First diary entry at the very end of PyWeek 30. Just some lines/thoughts

So I am proud that I managed to kinda finish this game, even though as per usual, a lot remains unpolished.  For example, the title and game over screen are very, very simple.
There is no music and no sounds.  I composed three little tracks that are included, but did not manage to use them.

But given that I had to work at least 40 hours this week, whilist being away for 2 days at a customer on-site, I am actually happy that I still managed to finish this, and even kinda like it.

I started with PyWeek 14 under this nick/arist name, it's been a long time.  I even participated in PyWeek 13, under the name Yangea I think...  When was PyWeek 14?  Wow, May 2012... that is 8.5 years almost. I was a young lad back then LOL, j/k, I was 22 then.  Now I am 31.  Time flies.

I don't know if I improved in Python.  Information technology changes so fast, it is very difficult to keep track of it all.  Sorry for those confusing words, I am just writing a few things now.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed PyWeek #30. :).

I will now have some tea and relax.
I will create a video about my game tomorrow and upload it to YT, plus I will also write and add a readme file.  Hope that's ok.

See ya all, and take care.