Day #4

With the sun retiring from the sky some hours ago, it is about time for me to follow suit and retire to my bed. But, before that, let us check in on our favorite asteroid fisher-alien: Obbo.

The last time we checked in on Obbo he was just beginning his fishing lessons. I am happy to report that Obbo is a quick study and has a much better grasp of asteroid fishing.

However, everything was not smooth sailing for poor Obbo today. Earlier today Obbo's magnet was being troublesome and refusing to grab magnets unless the magnet hit the asteroid dead on. A magnet should have some pull, so we checked to see if Obbo's magnet was defective.

Yikes! That small white sphere was the only spot on the magnet with any grabbiness left. Quite a weak magnet! After swapping out the magnet for one working at full strength, the lessons were much more fruitful.

Asteroid fishing can be exhausting work, so Obbo took the occasional break to admire the new scenery.

Not one to sit idly on his accomplishments for the day, Obbo also started learning some carpentry.

Obbo is doing marvelous on the basics and showing much enthusiasm for this new skill. Unfortunately, Obbo may be a bit too enthusiastic:

Impressive work Obbo! However, tomorrow we will have a lesson on restraint and constructing buildings at a scale to better fit the environment.