Day #3

As the sun sets on the west coast of the US, I sit illuminated by the glow of my monitor. Taking a break from a furious typing session, I sip some bourbon and reflect on the team's accomplishments of the past two days. My teammates are now long asleep due to the magic of time zones, so I contemplate alone. Well, almost alone. I have the company of our game's protagonist, Obbo, to keep me company.


He's a happy fellow; a smile constantly graces his beautiful helmet. You may notice a fishing pole in his hand. However, it is not fish that our intrepid Obbo is after, but a far greater prize: asteroids. Over the past couple of days Obbo has started to gain a basic understanding of how to fish for asteroids.

Obbo starting to fish

The planet poor Obbo has been stranded on is pretty barren at the moment, but the artists on the team have been hard at work creating assets to give Obbo more to look at. Some of these can be seen in our new menu screen:

A screenshot of the main menu

Along with foliage, Obbo can expect to see these curious objects make an appearance on his world soon:

That's enough reflection for one day. Now it is time to get Obbo back to his fishing lesson!