Sunday evening


Obvious games to replicate: Minecraft, Factorio.
Not so obvious: FarCry, Isle of the Cursed Phoenix.

Protagonist is not required to be castaway, he can be in a rescue team.
Genre may be any. Not only FPS survival horror, but a puzzle, racing, quest, rogue-lite or strategy.

What if I make Soko-bomber-deus-hack!

After accidental space travel/warp/long range teleportation you appear on ruined space base in a pile of rubble...
After sokobanning the way to main corridor, you begin to bombermanning the way to escape pods.
And then...

Game mechanics & resources:
- HP
- laser pistol charge
- light
- leverage / gravity / space boots
- oxygen
- fuel
- blueprints
- minerals
- inventory space
- map discovery
- repair kits
- skills?